Valley View Casino Center


Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, is one of the newest casinos to open. Located at the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, the casino is located in the heart of the city. The casino also offers gaming for visitors to take part in as well as food and drinks on site for guests.

Located at 901 Ocean Avenue, the casino offers a spacious casino room with all the necessities for gaming. The air conditioning has been taken care of, with the temperature regulated so that you can enjoy your stay without getting chilled. There is also a lounge area for those of you who wish to sip your favorite cocktail, sip your coffee, or stop in for a snack before heading back out to the games. For those who wish to visit during off hours, there is a bar area as well.

The San Diego city is a five-minute drive from the upscale beach community of soa boue, which boasts a wonderful array of accommodations. Other surrounding areas are Encinitas, which is a suburban town, and La Jolla, which are home to the US Naval Academy. Along with the casino, the San Diego River runs through the center of the city.

Soa Boue is in close proximity to the San Diego River Walk, which also features local restaurants, shopping areas, and monuments. Another famous landmark is the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which is near the casino. With a large rodeo festival each summer, the fairgrounds provide plenty of entertainment and fun for the whole family.

For those who do not wish to visit the touristy parts of the city, there is the land-locked town of La Jolla, which is just a fifteen minute drive from the casino. The La Jolla Town Center, featuring a combination of retail stores, restaurants, and offices, is one of the many shopping districts in town. A short walk from the shopping district is the Bolsa Chica Country Club, which is a great place to play golf or catch a game.

July 4th, held each year, is the most crowded day of the year in San Diego. This is the day when both the military and the general public gather to celebrate. With plenty of fireworks, the whole city comes to life as the crowds mill about trying to find their way through the streets to the nearest bar. While many people enjoy spending the day drinking beer and eating popcorn, others like to visit the casino to gamble or enjoy some of the many games that are available.

Summer time is just around the corner, and the crowds of tourists returning from their vacation in the sun will return to the desert sunshine. Visitors can visit the highland horse parks, which are just a short walk from the casino. These horse parks are filled with geldings, young horses, and the occasional calf.

While visiting this city, you may want to stop in the famed San Diego Museum of Art, which features a variety of art exhibits on a range of subjects, including arts and crafts, ceramics, photography, and book collections. While you’re here, visit the San Diego Zoo, which offers a wide variety of animals for you to view and observe.